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Mojoo Spring / Summer 2024

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Beautiful LUX laquerware in matching nuances with lots of opportunities.
Don't miss our PRINT lacquerware with an unique snake look. 
Explore our IXORA, PEA POD and WAVE - Handmade products in brass with a lightly brushed surface.
The Brass products are all created from recycled material. The special techniques have been brought down from generation to generation.
Every product is unique. Combine with the unique AGAT objects in semiprecious gemstones and create beautiful colour schemes.

"Mojoo is a creation of design that is inspired by who I am and what I like.
I create my collections according to my own taste. Everything has to fit into my own home."
- Lene Kjær


A universe of saturated colors in combination with delicate bright and dark shades.
The matt and soft STING surface is beautiful and timeless mixed with our classic and glossy LUX lacquer products.

Find inspiration in a world of items that can be used anywhere in your home.
Mix colors and textures and create your own universe. Enjoy!