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Mix and match, combine and assmble - let your creativity flow freely! 
Let the table setting be a canvas where you paint with different colors, textures and shapes. Create a table that exudes life and energy with a festive mix of colors and patterns or go for a more minimalist expression with clean lines and simple elegance. 
No matter what style you choose, it's important to remember that only your imagination sets the limits. 
Combine colors and sizes in a way that harmonizes with your home and your personal style. Let your decor tell your story by choosing items that reflect your preferences and personality. 
From small details such as our STING placemats and STING coasters to more eye-catching elements such as WAVE vases, plates and candleholders as well as our STING trays - each item can help to create a seamless and welcoming atmosphere. 
The best thing about these decorative elements is their versatility. 
Use them not only to create a beautiful table, but also let them find their place elsewhere in your home. 
An elegant WAVE vase can adorn your windowsill, while a beautiful LUX tray can become a stylish feature on your coffee table together with an AGAT candleholder and a beautiful IXORA bowl. Let your decorations shine and spread joy and beauty throughout your home.