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Our beautiful functional trays LUX, MATT and STING will add life and color to your home.
You can choose from several sizes, both square, rectangular and round, many colors and different surfaces.
The LUX and MATT lacquer trays are handmade, made of MDF wood, lacquered and polished up to 12 times by skilled Vietnamese craftsmen. Each individual tray takes 45 days to produce, with several times varnishing, drying and polishing until the final beautiful, glossy result is achieved.
The finish on the MATT trays is matte and soft.
Our functional trays can be used anywhere in your home. Collect your trinkets in a beautiful still life on a tray as decoration in your living room. Keep your kitchen organized with matching trays and collect your oils, salts and other delicacies. 
Use the trays for serving both outside and inside. Organize your office with trays of different sizes. 
STING is made of MDF wood and covered with artificial leather characterized by the skin of the stingray. Simple to combine, functional and easy to clean.