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On this page you can read more about our products and the materials we use in our collection.

Handmade products in brass with a lightly brushed surface. Since all the products are handmade and therefore exploits the detailed expression in each product. The special techniques have been brought down from generation to generation. The Brass products are created from recycled material. Old tools, surplus from industries is recycled into creating new and unique products. It makes every product special. Best cleaned with a damp cloth. Wave platters do not tolerate vinegar and other foods with acidic content, it will affect the patina of the platter.

LUX lacquer ware in high gloss lacquer is produced in Vietnam from old traditional techniques and every product takes up to 45 days to produce. These handmade products are created in small craft villages. The base is done in MDF and lacquered 10-12 times with certified lacquer to retrieve the high quality and a luxurious look. The lacquer ware is packed in recyclable material. Can be cleaned with lukewarm water with soap. Not dishwasher safe.

The STING products are created from a base in MDF and lined with artificial leather in a print inspired by the ray. The production of the textile is included in the REACH ordinance, which purpose is to minimize the use of chemicals, and to regard to human welfare and the environment. The textile has a soft and water-resistant surface, which easily can be cleaned with a moist towel.
The Agat products are produced from semi-precious gemstones. The stones are created by nature. The stones are cut in very thin slices and composited by hand, so each product is unique and has its very own beautiful look. All agate products are handmade in Craft Villages in Asia. Best cleaned with lukewarm water with soap. Do not scratch the metal with sharp objects.