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Mojoo is a creation of design, which is inspired by who I am and what I personally like. I put together the collections to my own taste. Everything must fit into my own home.”  Tells the owner Lene Kjær.

Mojoo’s roots origins from beautiful, timeless LUX lacquertrays and LUX lacquerboxes for the home. We have a classic base collection with a wide variety of colors. Every season new trendcolors are chosen, carefully selected to match the former seasonal colors.

All Mojoo’s LUX lacquertrays and LUX lacquerboxes fit together like building blocks and can be mixed and matched according to individual wishes.

Everything is handmade. The fine trays and boxes are produced in Vietnam after ancient traditional techniques.
They are made out of tree, which are lacquered up to twelve times and each take 45 days to produce. This technique is what provides the soft surface in high gloss, which we love.

Later new branches have sprung. These collections consist of raw and crooked products, which make most eyes look twice.
The products are amongst others the beautiful AGATE stones, as each creates a unique plate of color. They have all been constructed differently with semiprecious gemstones from the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea. As well as the STARDUST wall decorations and candle holders have put their mark on the collection. 
These products are an innovative addition to create definition and play, on walls as well as still-lives. All of these supplements creates a contrast to the classic LUX lacquer trays, but have been refined so they melt together to form a perfect symbiosis.
Further development of the traditional LUX lacquer trays has lead to our latest addition: our STING collection. Here the traditional trays have been coated with artificial leather with print of stingray.
The soft and matte surface on the STING trays and STING boxes is incredibly fine and timeless combined with the classic and polished LUX lacquertrays and lacquerboxes.
After positive feedback on the new texture on STING products, we launched a line of MATT lacquer trays and box. Again products that fit in colors and sizes with the other products. The latest addition to the family is our exclusive handmade collection in brass IXORA, WAVE and PEA POD which gives a luxurious and elegant touch to the other products and everyone's home.
All in all Mojoo’s collections have been made for design-lovers, like ourselves, to create their own still lives with our products to fit perfectly into the individual and unique home.

Behind Mojoo
Through many years of experience in the interior business the owner of Mojoo, Lene Kjær, has managed to create a brand, whose products beautifies homes and stores all across the world.
When Lene Kjær brought Mojoo five years ago, the brand primarily consisted of lacquertrays. In just a few years Mojoo have become a firm with beautiful products to decorate all rooms in the home.
Mojoo has placed a solid foot inside the interior and design business, whose brave products and combinations is not only a pleasure for the eye, but also an inspiration to our customers.
For Mojoo’s owner, Lene Kjær, it is important that her personal style is reflected in all the products. “I constantly search for different and crooked products to match our classic lacquerware. Here it is only the imagination that set limits. Personally I love the new additions; the sculptures, decorations, metals, the semiprecious gemstones and glass.
I find inspiration everywhere and my heart has always beaten for the Asian style, which is have refined to our own design.”

We work with interior distributors all over Europe and we create products to bigger design projects.

Lene Kjær, owner of Mojoo 


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