AGAT Board 38*19*1 cm

134,10 EUR

List price 140,80 EUR

Exclusive AGAT decorative boards, measuring 38x19x1 cm, add edge and style to your decor. Each board is unique, created with care by nature and put together by hand.
The natural semi-precious stone creates beautiful shapes that give your decor sublime elegance.
Use them in the kitchen, bathroom or living room to create a unique expression throughout your home.


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Very delicious and exclusive decorative boards in AGAT, measuring 38x19x1 cm.
Each plate is unique and will undoubtedly add edge and unique style to your decor.
Use it in your kitchen, bathroom, living room... throughout your home.
AGAT is created with care by nature and put together by hand, which makes each decorative plate completely unique.
This natural semi-precious stone, cut and assembled by hand, creates the beautiful and desirable figures in the slab.
Regardless of whether you prefer a luxurious look with our LUX products or want to break the elegant expression with textures from the STING collection, the AGAT deco plates give you sublime elegance and the opportunity to furnish your home with style.