PIX Plexi Dome 36,5*17,5*25 cm

80,00 EUR

Beautiful square Plexiglas dome, can also function as a vase.
Use it with the LUX Lacquer Tray 38*19*3.5 for your decorations.
Perfect for collecting small treasures or displaying children's artwork.
Suitable for plants and flowers with success
*The tray is purchased separately.
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Model/Product no.: 060001

This beautiful and delicious rectangular dome in plexiglass is a versatile decoration that can also be used as a vase.
Combine it with LUX Lak Bakke 38*19*3.5 to create an elegant and functional display.
The plexiglass dome is perfect for completing your decorations, whether you want to collect your little treasures under "roof" or display still lifes and smaller works of art in a stylish way.
We have used the dome ourselves to present plants and flowers, although we cannot guarantee that it is 100% waterproof.
*The tray is purchased separately.
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